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Daniel Seghers
Festoons of Flowers surrounding an Image of the Annunciation

On copper, 49¼ x 39¼ ins. (125 x 100 cm)
The original oak backboard is pierced with the monogram “IHS”
(Iesus Hominum Salvator) and cross of the Society of Jesus. 


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Rachel Ruysch
A Posy of Flowers on a marble Ledge

Signed, lower right: Rachel Ruysch
On canvas, 13 x 10⅜ ins. (33 x 26.4 cm)


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Marten van Cleve
A Wedding Dance in the Outdoors

circa 1570
On panel, 30¼ x 41⅜ ins. (77 x 105 cm)


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Ottmar Elliger
A Garland of Flowers and Fruit

Oil on canvas, 55½ x 42¾ ins. (141 x 108.5 cm)



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Willem van de Velde the Younger
The Morning Gun

Indistinctly signed, lower right: W. V Velde In London 1673
On canvas, 26¼ x 10¾ ins. (66.7 x 52.7 cm)


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David Rijckaert II
A Still Life with a stoneware Ewer and Confectionary

On panel, 19⅝ x 13⅝  ins. (49.7 x 35.1 cm)


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