Flemish School, circa 1630

A Wooded Landscape with Travellers by a River

Oil on copper 11 x 15 ins. (28 x 38 cm)



Brian Koetser Gallery, 18th October 1968, as Gillis van Coninxloo
Private collection, Guernsey, 1968-2021


This charming little landscape has so far defied attempts at pinning down the authorship although it was previously attributed to Coninxloo. There were many competent artists working in Flanders at the time to meet the almost insatiable demand for Flemish landscape painting, largely from the Spanish who wanted to send home images of the land they had occupied. This painting has echoes of both Govaerts and van der Laanen and is typical of wooded landscapes with vistas leading off to left and to right, travellers on horseback and conversing by the roadside and also populated by birds and dogs strategically positioned.