Hendrick van Steenwyck the Younger

(Antwerp c. 1580/82 - 1640 Leiden)

A View of a Church Interior

Signed and dated on a tablet on the column on the right:
Henricus. V. STEN / fc 1607 IX l
Oil on copper, 13½ x 19⅞ ins. (34.4 x 50.7 cm)


Sold to a private collector.

Possibly in the Dutch Stadholder’s quarters in the 17th-century
Princess Henriette Catharina of Orange-Nassau (1637-1708), who married   Prince Johann Georg II of Anhalt-Dessau in 1659 and thence by descent,
latterly at Schloss Ballenstedt
Confiscated by the Nazis during World War II
Restored to the heirs of the late Duke of Anhalt in August 2003
With Johnny Van Haeften Limited, 2004
Private collection, Guernsey, 2004-2021


Jeremy Howarth, The Steenwyck Family as Masters of Perspective, Turnhout, 2009, p. 149, cat. no. II.B7, illustrated in black and white, p. 432.


On display at Schloss Moritzburg, Landesgalerie Sachsen-Anhalt, after 1945


Hendrick van Steenwyck and his father were the two best known church interior painters in Flanders at the beginning of the 17th Century, closely followed by Pieter Neefs and his son Pieter Neeffs the Younger who were perhaps more prolific.  This painting, which is on copper and remarkably well preserved, may well have been in the Dutch Stadholder’s collection in the 17th Century as it later belonged to Princess Henriette Catharina of Orange-Nassau.  It remained in Germany until confiscated by the Nazis during the Second World War since when it was restituted to the heirs of the Duke of Anhalt.  Steenwyck’s architectural studies are extraordinarily precise and of the highest quality, and this is a fine example.