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Willem Bartsius
An Allegory of Avarice

Signed, lower left on chair: W […] BAHR [?] f
Oil on canvas, 21¾ x 18⅝ ins. (55.4 x 47.5 cm)

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Pieter van der Werff
A Young Girl at a Window with Lovebirds

Oil on panel, 9 x 12 ins. (23 x 30.5 cm)


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Hendrick Verschuring
A Portrait of a young Man

Signed and dated on the right: H. Verschuring. f./Anno 1654
Oil on copper, 8⅞ x 7¼ ins. (22.7 x 18.5 cm)


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Pieter Codde
An Elegant Company playing Cards

Signed with monogram and dated, lower right on the book: PC/1636
Oil on panel, 13 x 17¼ ins. (33 x 43.8 cm)


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Nicolaes van Veerendael
A Still Life of Flowers, with Roses, a Tulip, Hibiscus and Blackberries

Signed and dated on the stone ledge: N. V. Veerendael/ 1672
Oil on canvas, 20½ x 16½ ins. (52 x 42 cm)


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Matthias Stom
Christ at Emmaus

Oil on canvas, 42¼ x 68¼ ins. (107.5 x 173.4 cm)


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Adriaen Cornelisz. van Salm
The 'Prince Friso' under Tow off a rocky Coast

Signed, lower left on a piece of driftwood: A. Salm
Oil on panel, 18⅞ x 26⅜ ins. (48 x 67 cm)


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Harmen Steenwijck
A Still Life with Fish and Fruit on a stone Ledge

Signed, centre right on ledge: H. Steenwijck
Oil on panel, 6⅞ x 8 ins. (17.5 x 20.3 cm)


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Hendrick van der Burch
A Guardroom Interior

Oil on canvas, 23⅝  x 28¾ ins. (60 x 73 cm)


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Gerrit Adriaensz. Berckheyde
An evening View of the Kleine Houtpoort in Haarlem

Signed, lower left: g berck Heyde
Oil on panel, 12¼ x 17½ ins. (31 x 44.5 cm)


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