De Heem returns to Dyrham Park

Still Life by Cornelis de Heem returns to Dyrham Park in Gloucestershire after nearly 60 years!

A painting by Cornelis de Heem, probably purchased by William Blathwayt (?1649-1717), the builder of Dyrham Park, on a trip to Holland in the 1690s, has been acquired by the National Trust with the help of generous grants and donations from several heritage bodies. A fine example of his work, the still life depicts a profusion of flowers and fruits displayed in a garden. The painting, which was hanging in the “Great Roome above Stairs” in 1839, remained in the house until 1956 when it was sold at auction by the Blathwayt family together with other contents from the house. It has been in a private collection ever since, until acquired by Johnny Van Haeften who is delighted to have been involved in the return of this painting to its rightful home. For the full National Trust press release please follow this link: De Heem Returns and more images of the painting in situ can be viewed on the National Trust blog Treasure Hunt